Our network of websites allow us to generate a large number of enquiries every day. Mansion Club is leading the way for luxury resorts in the Marbella area. We currently have a list of clients interested in renting property on a long and short term basis within the complex.

We have a long history of renting property in Mansion Club however currently all our stock is rented out. Which is great for the owners, but not so great for us and our clients.

This is a service announcement

If you need to rent your property please speak to the experts. Our network include mansionclubapartments.com but also Marbella Long Term Rentals and Marbellapads.com

Currently 2 bedroom apartments in Mansion Cub, will achieve 2,700€ per month on a long term basis. Potentially more depending on floor level, and quality of furnishing (if furnished). Unfurnished property is also highly rent-able.

So if you want to get your property rented for the best price and by the best rental agency please be sure to get in touch with us today: +34 952882775

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